Webinar on jumping worms, new invasive threat to WNY

Date(s) - Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm


Learn how to identify jumping worms and let researchers know whether or not you see them in your area through the Invasive Species Mapping Challenge.

A training webinar will be held at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, June 27. Get details and sign up here. 

The Invasive Species Mapping Challenge is a friendly competition to teach residents how to identify, survey and report invasives. The aim is to gather data for New York State’s invasive species database.

The challenge was created originally to look for the invasive water chestnut,  but it now includes jumping worms as well. Prizes will be awarded to the individuals that report the greatest number of observations, whether positive or negative. Positive observations– finding jumping worms or water chestnuts– are important, but negative observations– discovering that there aren’t any of these invasive species at a site– are just as important to researchers.

The challenge will be held from July 5-19, in conjunction with the fifth annual Invasive Species Awareness Week, July 8-14. This year’s theme is “What YOU can do to help stop the spread.”

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