Sign up for Climate Action with Family & Friends

Date(s) - Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023
12:00 am


Register for Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab’s latest online course, Climate Action with Family and Friends, to be held February 13-March 12. 

Information and Registration:

Do you want to do something about the climate crisis but feel your individual actions are simply not enough? In this Cornell University online course, you’ll apply the latest social sciences research—about social influence, moral rebels, norms, choice architecture, nudges and more!—to spread your climate-friendly behaviors to close networks of family and friends.

Dr. Marianne Krasny, Cornell Professor and Director of the Civic Ecology Lab, will share her expertise, help you form lasting relationships with students and professionals from around the world, answer your questions during weekly office hours, and give you a preview of her latest book: In This Together: Connecting with Family and Friends to Combat the Climate Crisis. Through weekly webinars, you will hear from prominent social influence scholars in Europe and the US. 

Here’s a sampling of past “Network Climate Actions”—that is, actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions taken with family and friends—from students in this popular course. 

  • A student from Shenzhen China influenced his family to go from wasting half the food they prepared to becoming a zero-food-waste family.

  • A student from California worked with her friends to raise money for a women’s health organization, thus allowing girls in developing countries to stay in school.

  • A student living in Barcelona Spain invited friends over for Sustainable Tapas brunches. 

  • A student from Lagos, Nigeria worked with faculty and fellow students to promote bike-friendly policies at his university.

Whether it’s reducing food waste, donating to a women’s health organization, eating plant-rich meals, or working to change local transportation policies, you can have fun with family and friends while effectively combating the climate crisis.

Students in this course will receive a 30% discount on purchase of In This Together: Connecting with Family and Friends to Combat the Climate Crisis.

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