Permaculture of Greater Buffalo: rocket mass heater Part 1

Date(s) - Saturday, Feb 10, 2018
1:30 pm-3:30 pm

LaSalle Library


Permaculture of Greater Buffalo will meet from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 10 at the LaSalle Public Library, 8728 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, to learn about rocket mass heaters.

Rocket mass heaters are an efficient kind of heater.

The founder of the group, Brett Andrzejewski, will teach the theory behind rocket mass heaters and batch boxes for this meetup. It will cover some fascinating topics such as heat transfer, combustion, and rocket mass heater/batch box construction. He will present the material via a PowerPoint presentation on a large display TV. The graphical presentation really helps as pictures are worth thousands of words.

In addition, he will:

  • Discuss rocket mass heater facts and myths
  • Discuss common problems and solutions
  • Share his experience in rocket mass heater builds and troubleshooting
  • Explain where to get help from the rocket mass heater community

This meetup will be part 1 of 2. The second meetup will be hands on construction of a J-tube (the core of a rocket mass heater or batch box.

Please come prepared to take notes. There will be a lot of information.

Classes for rocket mass heaters are often very expensive ($500 per person is typical). Andrzejewski would like to donate his time and effort toward this project and the group. Donations to him for this informational meetup will be re-invested in this Permaculture meetup (subscription costs) and materials (refractory bricks, refractory cement, insulation, ducting, etc.) for the second portion of the class.