ONLINE CLASSES: Reflective Sunsets

Date(s) - Tuesday, Sep 08, 2020
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is offering new series of online watercolor classes called Intermediate Expression. 
Reflective Sunsets will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m.Tuesdays Aug. 18 & 25 and Sept. 1 and 8.
$78 per series for the general public; members receive 10 percent off.
Find inspiration in nature around you, photos you love or from a photo the instructor supplies. Work on your own watercolor painting from start to finish with help from an expert every step of the way. This series will take you on a creative journey to recreate and enhance an image of your choice. This class is suitable for anyone 16 and older with some previous watercolor painting experience who would like to move beyond the basics. Two-hour classes taught by Deanna Weinholtz.  In order to maintain the safest environment possible, classes will be offered via Zoom Meeting, a free online audio-visual platform.

Learn how to create a luminescent sky that is illuminated from the sun setting. Add cloud formations to the sky and watch your painting come to life as the reflection of the sun setting and clouds are reflected within the water. Please review the supply list to purchase before the start of class.

311 – August 18 – Basic color theory is introduced (or reinforced if you have learned basic color theory) to help with color mixing and keeping your painting luminescent. Wet in wet technique is introduced using large brushes and a subtractive method to create cloud formations. Water is beginning to be introduced into the painting.
312 – August 25 – Demo of the difference between color mixing on the palette vs adding glazes to the painting to create optical mixing of colors. Glazing techniques are introduced to strengthen the colors of the sunset as well as the reflections in the water.
313 – September 1 – Land formations are added at the horizon line and methods to add details of waves in the water are demonstrated as well as painted by students.
314 – September 8 – Final glazing added to painting to give painting depth. Textural techniques discussed. Any remaining questions about individual paintings addressed.