Network Climate Action: Scaling Up Your Impact

Date(s) - Monday, Feb 22, 2021
12:00 am


Network Climate Action: Scaling Up Your Impact is an online course to be held by the Civic Ecology Lab at Cornell University to be held from Feb. 22 to March 28.

Overview: Many of us want to do something about climate change, but individual actions can feel inadequate in the face of the looming crisis. In the Network Climate Action: Scaling up your Impact online course, you will learn what the latest research says about how to scale up your individual actions through your social networks. You will choose a greenhouse gas mitigation action you take yourself and apply social influence research to persuade your family, friends, social media followers, or other social network to also take that action. You will be part of a unique online community that is applying innovative, exciting, and evidence-based approaches to fight climate change!

Participants: Environment, climate and education professionals; volunteers; university students, or other climate-concerned citizen from any country. Discussions will be in English. This is not a course about climate science, but rather about how you can take effective action to help address the climate crisis.

The cost is $60. Most participants pay this fee. Options are available to pay a higher fee $120 to sponsor another student, or pay a lower fee or no fee if you are unable to pay. Register here.

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