Meeting for community gardeners at Lockwood’s

Date(s) - Thursday, Apr 23, 2015
6:00 pm

Lockwood's Greenhouses


A meeting for the gardeners in Lockwood’s community garden will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 23 at Lockwood’s Greenhouses, 4484 Clark St., Hamburg.

At the meeting, parcels will be assigned to gardeners. Fred Safford, the new social director, will discuss ideas on ways to expand the social aspect of the garden.

You don’t have to live in Hamburg; anyone can rent a plot.

Lockwood’s has set aside a portion of its farmland for the community garden. It has divided the garden into parcels 4 feet wide by 50 feet long; the square footage is the size of an average home vegetable garden. There are also smaller parcels available, which are 4 feet wide by 23 feet long.

The fee, which helps to cover garden expenses and use of the land, is $85 for the larger parcel and $50 for the smaller parcel. In addition, as a goodwill gesture, they ask that gardeners donate about a tenth of their harvest to a local food pantry.

Members will benefit from a 10 percent discount on garden-related products and classes at Lockwood’s.

Water will be readily accessible with hoses in the garden, and the land will be tilled and ready for planting (weather permitting) after the meeting.

Members will have free parking and access to the land during store operating hours seven days a week.

Organic practices will be required and no use of chemicals on the garden parcels will be allowed by garden members. See all the community garden rules and requirements here.

For more information, call 649-4684.