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  1. There are many different garden walks in Western New York– There are 14 garden walks in 2014. The Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com site lists all of the garden walks, but it doesn’t list the various gardens or addresses on each garden walk. Generally, you have to pick up a paper maps to get that information, but some of the garden walks have a website where you can get that information. Sometimes the paper maps aren’t available until the day of the walk, but sometimes you can pick them up at garden centers or municipal buildings before the walk. You can find those details in the event listing of each garden walk on this site. I hope that helps.

  2. this website is impossible to find the locations of the garden walk. even if you know a participating homeowner/location, this is not an easy site to navigate and refer others to in order to maximize attendance & participation. the addresses and/or zip code locales are not searchable in the search box so one can plan their day. the manner in which the locations are listed is laborious to go through and not efficient.
    the site itself is also not optimized in Google and other search engines so the public can discern between this garden walk and others in the area.

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