Healing comfrey balm and comfrey plant propagation

Date(s) - Saturday, Apr 08, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Brett Andrzejewski's apartment


Permaculture of Greater Buffalo will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 13 at the apartment of group member Brett Andrzejewski, 8523 Krull Parkway, Niagara Falls.

The topic will be comfrey, which can be used in many ways: chop-and-drop fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, animal feed, land restoration, pollinator attractant, great companion plant, and also medicine.  They will be digging up one of Andrzejewski‘s comfrey plants for propagation and harvesting leaves from the plant to make comfrey balm. Now the comfrey plant is already nearly three  feet in diameter and nearly as tall, with flower stalks starting.  It’s a great time to propagate and use the extra leaves for medicine.

Andrzejewski will be giving away root sections and crowns of the comfrey variety he is growing, bocking 14. Bocking 14 is a seed sterile hybrid, and less invasive that wild comfrey, and still medicinally potent.

Afterwards, weather permitting and to those interested, they will do a picnic and hike at Devil’s Hole.

You can RSVP on the group’s Meetup page.