Gardening classes in Lockport: organic gardening

Date(s) - Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cornell Cooperative Extension Training Center


Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Niagara County is offering a new gardening class series from 6-7 p.m. on certain Wednesdays through Nov. 14 at the CCE-Niagara’s administration building, 4487 Lake Ave., Lockport.

Classes cost $15 each, or $95 when you sign up for all seven gardening classes.

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and each class is limited to 20 participants. You can register online or in person at the CCE-Niagara’s administration building.

For questions, call Horticulturist John Farfaglia at 433-8839 ext. 226.

The gardening classes will be administered by CCE-certified Master Gardeners and will cover a variety of gardening topics that will benefit both new and experienced gardeners. The lecture-style training will also give participants the opportunity to ask questions.

Gardening Class Schedule:
June 6: Tips For A Successful Vegetable Garden
A Master Gardener will present information to help you have a successful vegetable garden this summer. Topics include improving your soil, planting schedules, maintenance tips throughout the summer and how to deal with problems if they arise. Handouts will be available on planting schedules and other topics.

June 20: Monarchs In Peril and What You Can Do To Help
A Master Gardener will cover the causes of the monarch butterfly population crash and discuss ways gardeners can help by providing various milkweed species for the larvae and nectar plants for adults. The Master Gardener will also cover the life cycle of the monarch and the amazing annual migration of this beautiful insect.

July 11: Organic Gardening
Master gardener Karen Cavanaugh will discuss the benefits and methods used to grow your own food organically. Building and maintaining a healthy soil, working with nature, and using time-tested techniques and ecological gardening strategies will result in vegetables you feel safe to eat.

Aug. 22: Attracting Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects To Your Garden
Pollinators are important to the success of many crops. A Master Gardener will discuss what to plant and other important ways to invite these “good guys” to your garden. Let nature work for you to help produce good yields and naturally control pests.

Sept. 26: Using Native Plants in Your Garden And Landscape
Native plants have been underutilized for too long. Native plants are well adapted to our soils and climate, have less pest problems and are important food plants for pollinators. A Master Gardener will cover recommended natives for your garden and landscape.

Oct. 17: Home Composting 101
Learn about the benefits and uses of compost and the basic methods of how to make your own compost from simple passive composting to faster methods that require more input. A Master Gardener will show and tell you why compost is invaluable for improving your soil.

Nov. 14: Growing and Using Herbs
Learn how to grow and utilize fresh herbs from garden to kitchen. Soil, site and growing requirements will be covered as well as tips for harvesting and using herbs. Some of the interesting folklore associated with herbs will also be discussed. A Master Gardener will present this interesting topic.