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  1. I would love to participate in a workshop arranging fresh flowers. Please let me know if you have any coming up, how I sign up for one, and the cost. Thank you very much.
    Samina Raza.

  2. I love iris flowers, what garden centers sell the pretty hard to get bulb, I am so done with catalog companies especially michigan bulb and becks, they always, I mean always sending me the wrong things. I just ordered my replacements for the iris roots that didn’t grow last spring, the mystery red tulips suppose to be a burgany and cream colored tulip, mine are just ordinary white color, no red at all, so I’m done!!!! Do you maybe have plant or bulb sales or exchanges I’m really looking for iris.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  3. I am interested in joining a Garden Club. I live on Woodward Avenue, Tonawanda, NY near Kenmore Mercy Hospital. I am retired.

  4. Carol, check out our Events page for classes. If you are trying to contact a particular business, see their contact information on their page within our Gardening Directory. I hope that helps.

  5. Laurie, we’ve written about hummingbirds and published the link to the map in previous articles. You can find the information by searching this site for hummingbirds. The search box is between the subscribe box and the topics box on the right hand side. You’ll get articles that mention hummingbirds. It’s a handy way to go back and find information when you need it. The particular link you’re looking for to get to the map is

  6. Connie, I was looking for the hummingbird migration/spotters map that I’ve used in the past to judge when to put the feeders out. I know I am anxious, but just want to be ready! I am not locating it on the site this year. Am I just too early?

  7. I would like to June 14th hyper tufa planters, what is the fee to attend?

    Thank you,
    Linda Petrus

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