Beyond Flowers Tour 2014

Date(s) - Saturday, Aug 02, 2014
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus parking lot


Date & Time:
Saturday, August 2nd
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Via school bus; bathroom stops @ noon and 2 p.m, no air conditioning

$35, includes roundtrip transportation, tour guides, and a box lunch

Pick-up site:
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus parking lot
589 Ellicott Street at Goodell

This event was sold out last year. You can buy seats here.

On the Beyond Flowers Tour 2014, you’ll visit seven sites, with history provided about each along the way.  At every stop each site’s lead organizer will join the group to answer questions.
First off, we’ll tour the Massachusetts Avenue Project (M.A.P.) Begun more than 20 years ago by residents and then incorporated in 2000, the urban farm now covers more than an acre of reclaimed vacant lots on the West Side. Area teens learn marketable skills, and the site features two greenhouses, chickens, an indoor tilapia farm and a composting operation. Be sure to check out the new video, “Grow: the story of an urban farmer.”
Right across the street on Massachusetts Ave., P.U.S.H. (People United for Sustainable Housing) has created a park and playground, turning abandoned property into an environmentally conscious community gathering spot.  As they say on their website, “The quickest and simplest way to bring the breath back to a neighborhood street is the ‘clean and green’ lot.” A short bus ride away are the 14th St. Gardens, where five adjacent lots that once held abandoned houses were cleared by P.U.S.H., and are now gardens for 28 neighborhood families, many of them immigrants.
Out on Fuhrmann Boulevard we’ll stop at now one-year old Wilkeson Pointe, a natural playground that was once an industrial dump site, and that now showcases wind sculptures and volleyball.  A walk up to the base of the sculptures offers a surprise view out over the breakwall.
Our lunch stop will be at Mutual Riverfront Park on Hamburg Street, historically important and perfectly situated to take in a view of the world famous grain elevators.
Then on to Buffalo’s East Side where we’ll visit the Urban Habitat Project next to the Central Terminal on Paderewski Drive.  The UHP recently received an Environmental Quality Award from the EPA for its achievement in protecting public health and the environment.  The three-acre project is not only beautiful, it redirects rain water away from Buffalo’s aging sewer system and uses those splendid swaths of sunflowers to help clean the soil through phyto-remediation.
Next stop is the Broadway Market where we visit gardens ingeniously built on the roof of their parking garage.  The gardens are all about flowers and vegetables, yes, but equally about creating community in this diverse neighborhood.
We finish the tour at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus parking lot, where we began.  Here you’ll see the largest bio-retention cell in the area, a relatively narrow garden at the foot of that four acre parking lot.  Only one year in operation, the site works to divert up to four million gallons of storm water annually from Buffalo’s sewer system, preventing the overflow that dumps sewage into our waterways.

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You can do a self-guided tour as well.