Audubon Nature Photography Club

Date(s) - Thursday, Jan 08, 2015
6:15 am

Audubon Center & Sanctuary


“Small Camera Types” is the topic at the next Jamestown Audubon Nature Photography Club meeting to be held at 6:15 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 8, at the Audubon Nature Center, 1600 Riverside Road, one-quarter mile east of Route 62 between Jamestown, New York, and Warren, Pennsylvania.

Club members will present the pros and cons of different types of cameras.  These include phone cameras, point-and-shoots, bridge cameras and the newer mirrorless styles. Discussion will focus on features, image quality, what you get for your money and acronyms such as ILC and CSC.

“The Color Green” and “Creative Aperture Mask” are the topics for the image review that begins the meeting. The Color Green is about using a green subject and finding a vantage point to isolate and emphasize the subject and so encourages people to think about the relationship of objects. Creative Aperture Mask is all about adding a piece of paper or foil with a cut shape in it directly in front of your lens to give bright out-of-focus spots the shape of the cutout – all in artistic fun.

A social time follows the program.

Visitors are asked to pay $5 that can be applied toward the annual membership of $30 if application is made by the next meeting. Among the benefits of membership are discounts on photography classes, field trips, and the right to show photos at club exhibits.

For more information, contact club President Suzette Paduano at (716) 763-9492 or or visit the club blog.