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We post events for free for nonprofit organizations and for advertisers. You can e-mail the information to me at Please make sure to include the address of the place where you are meeting; people may be coming from other towns and not know where a community center or church is located. The information I need is what the event is, time, day, date, place and address. Optional: If you have someone who is willing to respond to questions about the event from our readers, include a phone number or e-mail address to be included in the post. Include other information that is relevant to the event. Please  send information only  for events that are open to the public. You don’t have to wait to send us your information; you may send us all of your dates for the coming year at one time if you like. We try to post the information as soon as we get it. We publish the magazine on Tuesdays, so make sure you get an event to us before the Monday preceding your event.

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  1. I often use cooled boiled water on my plants. I’m not sure how much nutrient value it has, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt your plants. And if I have an entire pot of water, like from corn, I usually use it to water my indoor plants. Then I don’t have to fill my watering can multiple times. (I have several large containers.) If you reuse kitchen water on your plants, you’re saving resources. The kitchen water doesn’t have to go through the sewer system to be cleaned, and you’re saving a gallon or so of water that you might have had to take out of the faucet or hose to water plants. While I don’t know how much reusing cooking water helps plants, maybe it helps a little, and it helps in so many other ways. Go for it!

  2. My zucchini plant leaves were wilted terribly, I assumed it was the heat. I watered regularly, but let things dry up too so there was no rot. The plants are nearly dead. I never have luck with zucchini (the easiest plant to grow!!) what went wrong??

  3. I spoke with a farmer at the market today, he said there is a grub that gets into the roots and bores up the plant. If I cut into a step I would see it was hollowed out. Not much can be done.

  4. Can someone tell me why my Dahlias are full of small buds, but not developing into blooms? Will appreciate advice. Thx!

  5. I am moving and want to take some of my garden with me. Tons of Hostas.hydrangeas ,rose of Sharon and roses. Will they take if planted now?How do I dig them up? Also I know I can split hostas, but how? And I plan to take my peonys and mums too.

  6. Hello. I love Bougainvillea and have been failing to get cuttings I buy from a reputable seller in Spain. I have read your articles about cinnamon and aspirin with interest. I started again with some new cuttings about four or five weeks ago. Only one of eleven has sprouted and this is now showing signs of mildew. Is it too late to take the cuttings out of the soil and into water, or should I order more cuttings? Ordinarily Bougainvillea doesn’t respond well to overwatering but could it help to remove the stems from the soil and soak them in an aspirin solution. Then dip them in cinnamon before replanting?

  7. Hi. I got an email that linked to you saying there was another post. There wasn’t. Have I missed it?

  8. There was a comment posted here. If you previously posted a comment here, and you didn’t unclick a certain box when you left a comment, you will be alerted every time a new comment is posted. If you don’t want an email every time someone posts a comment here, let me know and I can take you off that list. You’ll still be on the list that tells you when there’s a new article.

  9. Hello Connie. I am in south East England. I just wanted the posts that were relevant to my original question about Bougainvillea. I have looked and I seem to be alerted when someone puts another post for you up.

  10. Hi Connie. Smallwood Garden Club Plant sale is coming up in May again and we’d like to get on your event calendar again. Can you remind me what I need to do, please ? Thanks. Love this newspaper.

  11. Hi Beth, see the guidelines on submitting events here. You can always find the guidelines under the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page, and under the button “About” at the bottom of the page. If your meetings are open to the public, you can send those to me, too. And if you have your meetings set up ahead of time, you can send them to me all at once. That actually makes it easier for me. And thanks so much– I’m glad you enjoy!

  12. I have a cactus potted indoors that I’ve had for 15 years now. It has never been outside. This week I noticed sugar ants all over the pot, the dirt and the windowsill. I tried soaking the pot, but the ants keep appearing.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    I am very worried that I will hurt my cactus while trying to solve this problem.
    I have spray ant killer and diazinon crystals, but I’m not sure if I should use them.
    I searched online, but the advice was for either outdoor succulents or regular houseplants.
    Any direction would be so very appreciated.

  13. Lisa, I interview gardening experts for, but I’m not a gardening expert myself. Whenever you have a question about what a particular plant is, what a particular insect is, or what is wrong with your plant, it’s best to contact the Master Gardeners in your county. You can find the contact information here. I hope that helps.

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