Advertising prices


Not minutes or days, but weeks of connection! has three advertising cycles:

  • Cycle 1—mid-January through the end of April (15 issues)
  • Cycle 2—May and June (9 issues)
  • Cycle 3—July through mid-December (24 issues)


Three great offerings!

Support our Sponsors list

1. List of Sponsors

My readers are looking for companies like yours, so make sure you’re represented on the Support our Sponsors list, which shows up on every page of our website! Your listing links back to your website (or Facebook page) so gardeners can see more about your offerings.


Investment: $169 per advertising cycle


2. Ads

Unlike print ads, you don’t have to squeeze your phone number or street address into our ads. All of that information is on your website, and our ads link directly to your website!


Investment: $149-$199 per advertising cycle

See all the details about our ads here.


3. Package Deal

You get both of the offerings above: Support our Sponsors list and one ad of your choice (depending on availability).

And you get an article!

The articles are what draw readers to

You have information that potential customers are eager to hear—if it’s presented in an interesting way. With your expert know-how and my communication skills, we can create an article that grabs attention because it is fun and informative.

Here is how an article would benefit you:

  • An aspect of your product or service is presented in a fresh and appealing way—our audience is eager to view it!
  • The information links back to your website where potential customers can find out more about you. (Today people depend on their phones and other electronic devices to get information!)
  • The name of your business appearing in an article or video helps keep you at top of mind among your potential customers—and current customers, too.
  • When you provide information for an article or video, viewers see you as an expert.  
  • These articles don’t disappear; they stay on our website.
  • You can share these articles and videos on your own Facebook page and other social media, giving you more content to share with your followers.

Here’s how it works:

You don’t have to write anything.

I’m Connie Oswald Stofko, an award-winning writer and editor. We’ll discuss what topics would work best for an article.

We’ll also discuss photos. (You may provide photos, I may take photos or we may get photos from other sources.)

Then I’ll interview you and write the article.

I’ll publish the finished piece on my website, and it will link back to your website. 

After publication, I’ll also share the article or video on my Facebook account.

Investment: $849 per advertising cycle

Custom Package

Do you need something different? Let’s create a package that fits your needs. Contact Connie Oswald Stofko at or 716-830-7984.