How can I subscribe?

Where do I go to subscribe?

Click here to go to the Subscribe page.

Look for the box that says “Subscribe for free.”


How do I subscribe?

Type in your email address and hit “Join.” You’ll be asked to type in your email address again, as well as your Zip Code. Your name is optional.


Why should I subscribe? Can’t I just read the articles on the web site?

When you subscribe, every week you will receive the magazine in your e-mail. It will have information on upcoming events, coverage of recent events and lots of ideas for gardens right here in Western New York. Subscribing is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything. And it’s free! If you prefer to just read the articles on the website, that’s fine, too!


I don’t live in Western New York. May I subscribe?

Of course! We know that tourists, residents of neighboring counties and former residents of Erie and Niagara Counties are interested in gardening, too. Our magazine, like Western New York itself, is too wonderful to try to keep to ourselves. If you enjoy our magazine, you are welcome to subscribe.


My email address changed. How do I change my subscription?

Just send your new email address and old email address to me at and I’ll make the change.


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  1. Hello, I tried to subscribe to your gardening magazine but each time an error occurs. Please help.

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