Help remove invasive grass in West Seneca

Japanese stiltgrass
Japanese stiltgrass is an invasive plant that can harm native plants. Photo courtesy Chris Evans, University of Illinois,

Volunteers are needed to help WNY PRISM remove Japanese stiltgrass, a high priority, early detection invasive species, from areas in West Seneca.

Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) was recently found in parts of Western New York. It is an annual, short grass that quickly spreads to form extensive mats that harm native plants and plant communities. It can also alter soil nutrient cycling processes, facilitate erosion, inhibit tree survival and growth, and reduce habitat and forage for wildlife.

The plant is simple to ID and easy to pull.

There will be four opportunities to volunteer:

Each session will run from 9 am – noon.

Registration is required. Register here. 

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