Squirrel tips:How to keep them from digging up your potted plants in WNY

squirrel on fence by Stofko
Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

We’re getting into the time when squirrels start to store acorns for the winter. I don’t mind when the squirrels stash their hoard in my lawn, but I do object when they dig up a container that holds perennials.

Here’s a tip from Lyn Chimera of Lessons from Nature:

To keep squirrels and chipmunks from digging up potted plants, cover the top of the soil with a layer of pea gravel after the container is planted. The sharp gravel hurts their paws and they don’t bother your containers.

More on squirrels:

4 Comments on “Squirrel tips:How to keep them from digging up your potted plants in WNY

  1. I have both chipmunk and squirrels digging up my potted herbs so I lay chicken wire over the top of the pot resting on the soil and folding it and crimping it to the pot, or I surround the herb with a piece of chicken wire about 18 inches high, sink it into the dirt, close it and secure it with twist ties and then make a top out of more chicken wire and secure it to the “fence”. For rabbits in my veg garden I lay scat mats around the young veggies, sand or kitty litter for slugs. Haven’t come up with a good deer deterrent yet, in the Southeast they eat everything.

  2. Hi Reni, my best advice is to contact Cooperative Extension again. If it’s not a pollination problem, maybe it’s a soil problem, or lack of light, etc. They’re the best people to help you sort out this problem.

  3. I have tried for 2 years to successfully grow butternut squash to no avail. I was advised by Cooperative Extension to try to pollinate myself with a child’s paintbrush due to possible lack of pollinators but even that didn’t work. I am trying to raise them in plastic raised garden boxes. Can you advise me what I’m doing wrong? Thank You.

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