Horticulture classes & more to be offered on-site at Botanical Gardens

lilacs and dome at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

Some classes and workshops, including the poplular horticulture classes with instructor David Clark, will be returning on-site at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, 2655 South Park Ave., Buffalo.

On-site classes include:

Some programs are still being held online. See the online programs here.

Horticulture classes

David Clark, CNLP and horticulturist is a dynamic instructor with a wealth of knowledge. His classes are popular because he conveys the subject matter with infectious enthusiasm.

These classes are great for beginners who would like to learn more about gardening as well as for advanced gardeners looking to refine their skills.

Classes will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.

Introduction to Horticulture

Introduction to Horticulture is designed to give you the basic education and skills you’ll need as you begin gardening. It’s also a great refresher for experienced gardeners who want to gain a new perspective and understanding of plant science. 

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  •  Botany 101 – Sept. 4 Impress yourself and your friends with your wisdom on the plant science of seeds, roots, shoots, stems, leaves and fruits. Even if you disliked biology and physiology, you’ll have fun learning in this class. Re-discover the basics of how plants work and apply this knowledge to your garden.
  • Plant Propagation – Sept. 11 Amaze yourself with your new (or refined) green-thumb ability to propagate healthy new plants using many techniques and various growing mediums from this class.
  • Pests and Diseases – Sept. 18 Recognize signs of issues and challenges in your garden or indoor space. Learn about some common and uncommon pests and diseases you may encounter and discover mitigation techniques. Bring your questions.
  • Shrubs and Trees – Sept. 25 The class will cover information on how to use trees and shrubs in the landscape, how to plant new trees and how to care and maintain them. Various species are highlighted. Get some great ideas or just appreciate all that trees do for us in this fun and practical class.
  • Annuals and Perennials – Oct. 2 Take a look at how to select flowers and foliage given your space and their growing needs. Discover can’t-miss selections. Be prepared to come away with a list of favorites just in time to start planning for next year’s season.
  • Introduction to Garden Design – Oct. 23 Now that you’ve got an idea of what plants you can select that will work best with your garden space, the next step is how to plan that space out. The class will cover tips on sketching, color theory, curves, drifts, and hardscaping to put it all together. Have an established garden space but feel like it needs a refresh? Go back to basics with this class for a fresh look forward.

Foundations of Horticulture

Foundations of Horticulture is designed for beginner gardeners with some basic understanding, but looking to get to the next step in their gardening. It’s also a great refresher for experienced gardeners that want to gain a new perspective and continue to learn, and of course, ask questions. Once you’ve taken Intro to Horticulture and Foundations of Horticulture, you’ll be ready for any of the advanced, specialized topics classes.

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  • Soil Science for Gardeners – October 30 What’s the difference between dirt and soil? Soil is amazing and is the foundation for a healthy garden. Got tricky soil? Discover how to use amendments to get the soil of your dreams. The class will cover pH, aeration, fertilizers and soil pyramids.
  • Advanced Plant Propagation – November 6 Take your skills in making more plants a step further with a deeper dive into more advanced techniques including grafting, budding and tissue culture. Sure to be fun, educational, and will leave you excited to get growing even more.
  • Hydroponics – December 4 Find out what the hype is surrounding hydroponics and learn some exciting and economical ways to grow your own food at home. The class will cover media, fertilizers, cloning, lighting and more.
  • Water Gardens – December 11 Water features are so inviting and relaxing in garden spaces, but also can be intimidating. Pumps, lights, filters, plants, livestock–and the water bill. It’s a lot to consider but it’s not as complicated or expensive as it sounds.
  • Pruning – January 8 What’s a gardener’s biggest fear? Pruning incorrectly. Get the basics and learn the skills you need to be a confident and educated pruner.
  • Intro to Landscape Design – January 15 This class takes garden design to the next level–the big picture–and covers the principles and elements for good landscape design including unity, scale, balance, focalization and more. This is the perfect class to take if you are looking for garden inspiration.

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