Amaryllis: how to keep it blooming inside every year

amaryllis flowers
Photos by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Amaryllis seems to be the most popular flower on Maybe that’s because it has a very large and showy flower– and you can enjoy inside in the winter!

Gardeners who received an amaryllis at Christmastime want to know how to keep it blooming year after year. My friend David Clark, international gardening expert, has provided most of the information about amaryllis on my site.

Below are links to the articles that you will probably find most helpful. Make sure you look at the comments in these articles, too.


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9 Comments on “Amaryllis: how to keep it blooming inside every year

  1. Hello Nancy!
    Thank you for your question.
    It could be that the mother bulb has been damaged, or has reached the end of it’s life. If the second, that is how Nature works. If the first, you might decide to examine Mother to see what is happening.
    OR, be happy that she is producing new bulbs for your enjoyment, and move forward with their growth. They can be removed from Mother, by twisting them away. Dust the open wound with cinnamon powder or sulfur powder and let dry in the open air for maybe 24 hours. You will not hurt the 1bulbs.
    Then, consider potting them on their own, following information in any of my articles on growing Amaryllis on Buffalo Niagara Gardening.
    I hope that I have answered your question.
    Kind Regards,
    David R. Clark, CNLP

  2. Hello Lynn and Catherine!
    I believe you are speaking about waxed Amaryllis bulbs, yes?
    I will address both of your comments here.
    My experience with these “novelty” Amaryllis bulbs:
    a) They can/should be considered a gift annual plant and discarded after the bloom sequence. I know this is an uncomfortable statement to read. “Forced” bulbs are “programmed/treated” to bloom at a specific time at the grower level. The forcing procedure uses up almost all of the bulb’s resources to bloom out of season. It can take upwards of three years, with perfect growing conditions, to “recharge” the bulb for future flowering. Bulbs in this class include Paperwhites, water-grown Hyacinth, Narcissus, and Amaryllis; plus others available during the Christmas season.
    Even out of doors, many varieties of Tulips are considered to be annuals, because they just don’t perform well in future years. F.Y.I. in large bedding plantings at botanical display gardens, the bulbs are removed from the design and discarded to a compost pile.
    b) If you want to experiment with growing on, the wax covering should be removed, any moldy tunic tissue should be washed away, and the bulb allowed to dry for 24 hours in the open air, then planted as in my previous articles.
    c) My bulb, once the wax was removed, was moldy and stinky inside, and the root system was rotten due to lack of air being a sealed confined space. I opted to not continue its growth because of these facts.
    I hope that you find this information pertinent to your questions.
    Kind Regards,
    David R. Clark, CNLP

  3. I have a waterless amaryllis how do I keep it going ? Bloomed beautifully for xmas. Tall stems fell looks like 2 new stems coming up ..

  4. I have the same question
    Has 4 long well developed foliage leaves but no flower. How should I care for it to get a flower.

  5. The Mother on my amarillis is yellow, but pups are doing well !! What should I do? Live in Ohio

  6. John, amaryllis can be grown outside, but in Western New York they wouldn’t bloom until spring. Many people here enjoy having the flowers bloom inside during the winter when there isn’t much going on in our gardens.

  7. I live in Fla and did in Ga. These flowers grow great outside year after year. I never cut them or give them anything to fertilize them and they are gourgus. Some are 10 plus years old. I dug them up from Ga. And planted in Fla. The zones I have had them in must be perfect

  8. Hi Leslie, if it has leaves and keeps growing, it’s still alive. If it’s still in the same soil, give it a little fertilizer. Put it in a bright window. Keep watering it. Whether you get a flower now or not, make sure you follow the instructions to have it go dormant. You should get a flower next year.

  9. Dear Connie,
    I got an amaryllis bulb for Christmas 2 years ago. It grew extremely long foliage but no 🌺 flower. It keeps growing and seems to be alive still. Is there anything I can do at this point?

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