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graphic of four leaves in four seasons
Illustration by Connie Oswald Stofko

by Connie Oswald Stofko

If your nonprofit group has meetings or other events that are open to the public, send me the details and I will share them on our Events page.

If I already have your event listed, please let me know that you are still planning to hold that event, either in person or virtually. I will happily keep it posted. If I don’t hear from the group, the event gets deleted. That’s because when the pandemic hit, there were so many event cancellations that I couldn’t keep up. I’ve had to assume everything was canceled unless I was notified otherwise.

Many of you are trying to plan now for the upcoming year. I used to accept all of a group’s events for the coming year and post them all at once, but now things are uncertain. I think for the next several months the best thing is to send events one at a time.

I publish on Tuesdays. Your event must be listed for the issue of the Tuesday before your event (or sooner). That means I need your information on the Friday before that issue (or sooner).

The information you send should include what the event is, the time, day, date, place and address. (Make sure to include the address of the place where you are meeting; people may be coming from other towns and not know where a community center or church is located.) If the meeting will be held virtually, let people know how they will access the event. Include other information that is relevant to the event. 

Optional: If you have someone who is willing to respond to questions about the event from our readers, include a phone number or e-mail address to be included in the post.

Email the information to me at

I can also speak to your group. Depending on the situation, I can make the presentation in person or on Zoom. See the topics here. Contact me with any questions at

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