How to keep growing tomatoes on the vine after frost

tomato plants ripening inside in autumn
Plan to plant some tomatoes in pots this year. When the weather turns cold and frost threatens, bring the pot inside and keep it in a sunny place. Photo courtesy Judy Clark

by Connie Oswald Stofko

There’s nothing like the taste of vine-ripened tomatoes, but frost will stop tomato production cold.

There are ways to try to protect your plants from frost, but it can be difficult to accomplish. (See some tips here on how to prevent frost from damaging garden plants.

So last year when Judy Clark of Hamburg excitedly told me, “It’s the end of November and I’m still getting fresh tomatoes,” you can bet that I wanted to know how she did it.

It’s simple. Clark plants her tomatoes in pots. When the weather gets cold and there might be a frost, she brings the pots inside and sets them in a sunny spot.

This year, plan to plant some of your tomatoes in pots so you can keep them growing inside even after a frost.

Note: Yes, I meant the pun in the first sentence!

6 Comments on “How to keep growing tomatoes on the vine after frost

  1. We had an early cold spell in October. I had a lot of organic green cherry tomatoes still on the vine. I pick d most of them and products put them in brown paper lunch sacks and set on the counter. I checked on them every few days. They slowly ripened, so we had delicious organic tomatoes until December. Not one rotted! Sadly, I lost the plants even though I wrapped/covered th m. My herbs survived, but not the tomato plants. I’m going to try placing the huge pots in a wagon this year. I”lo try wrapping them and place in the garage close to the kitchen door during hard freezes.

  2. Lorraine, I love the idea of placing the pots in a wagon so you can move them around! That would be great if you’re not sure where the best spot for them would be.

  3. Thank you for sharing — I pot planted peppers, because of deer,
    I brought my pots in for the entire growing season. I came across
    a wagon someone was throwing out, placed a few pots in the wagon,
    easy wheeling. My son was thrilled with his peppers that I grew
    I would say successfully as a novice. REPEAT this year!

  4. What a great idea! It always seems my tomatoes don’t get to ripen before frost and green tomatoes don’t appeal to me. I”ll definitely be doing this. Thanks😀

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