Old swing frame is repurposed as a trellis for cucumbers

garden trellis from old swing frame
This old swing frame was reused as a trellis for cucumbers and squash. Photo courtesy Phyllis Lobbins
cucumbers on trellis recycled from scrap
Cucumber vines are growing up the twine that is part of this trellis made from an old swing frame. Photo courtesy Phyllis Lobbins

by Connie Oswald Stofko

Phyllis Lobbins, a Master Gardener from Cheektowaga, had a swing frame that might have gone out to trash, but she came up with a great use for it: She made it into a trellis for her cucumbers and squash.

“I used regular garden twine because that was all I had on hand at the time,” Lobbins said, “but I would prefer using nylon string, or something that would not break down as quickly as twine.

“I like to repurpose things whenever possible,” she added.

You can see more garden trellises here.

2 Comments on “Old swing frame is repurposed as a trellis for cucumbers

  1. this is exactly what we’re thinking of doing for next summer! what kind of paint did you use to make sure it doesn’t peel?

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