Why you should plant goldenrod, plus more tips from Master Gardeners

'Fireworks' goldenrod
‘Fireworks’ goldenrod. Photo courtesy Lyn Chimera

by Connie Oswald Stofko

“Contrary to popular belief, goldenrod does not cause hay fever!” said Lyn Chimera, the author of “Goldenrod Gets a Bad Rap,” one of three articles in this month’s edition of WNY Gardening Matters, produced by the Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County.

Although many gardeners think of goldenrod as a weed, it’s one of Chimera’s favorite garden plants.  It’s beautiful in the garden, it’s great as a cut flower and it provides food for bees and butterflies.

Read the article to find out more about this great plant.

This month’s articles aren’t published on the WNY Gardening Matters site yet, but you can see them by clicking on the links below:

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