Pendleton Petal-Pushers have three gardens open Saturday, July 15

garden in Pendleton with items from flea market
At 6987 Bear Ridge Rd., North Tonawanda, you’ll see flea market gardening at its finest. Photo courtesy Pendleton Petal-Pushers

This year three gardens in Pendleton will be open to the public, and the organizers hope for a full-fledged garden walk next year.

The event is dubbed the Pendleton Petal-Pushers Open Gardens and will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 15.

If your garden is in the Pendleton area and you’d like to participate in next year’s garden walk, contact Tom Homme Jr. at or 716-210-3091.

The three gardens that will be shown this year are very different from each other.

They are within 1 ½ miles of each other. (The gardens are all located in Pendleton but have different towns in their mailing addresses.)

You don’t need to stop anywhere for a map; here are the addresses:

6987 Bear Ridge Rd., North Tonawanda
This landscape exhibits flea market gardening at its finest. You’ll see a mixture of whimsical containers with colorful annuals and a variety of perennials presented among what the owners call their “garden of weedin.” The bird nerd of the house never passes a birdhouse without a second glance—check out the variety that have passed the test.

6791 Bear Ridge Rd., Lockport
The Japanese-inspired landscape begins with a flagstone staircase and walkway, leading to a backyard garden that surrounds an in-ground pool.  There is a dry creek bed, a Zen garden, an Asian-influenced Craftsman-style pergola and lots of perennials, all surrounded by beautiful pollarded catalpas. (Pollarding is pruning back tree branches to the trunk in order to produce a dense mass of branches at the top.)

6670 Bear Ridge Rd., Lockport
Get ideas for gardens that look great in all four seasons. The gardens cover one acre. The landscape includes arbors, 11 island beds and foundation plantings of shrubs, trees and perennials.


Japanese-inspired garden in Pendleton
At 6791 Bear Ridge Rd., Lockport, you’ll see Japanese-inspired gardens on a full acre. Photo courtesy Pendleton Petal-Pushers



four-season gardens in Pendleton New York
6670 Bear Ridge Rd., Lockport, you’ll get great ideas for gardens that look great in all four seasons. Photo courtesy Pendleton Petal-Pushers







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