Late blight can occur even in dry weather, plus three more articles from Master Gardeners

tomato late blight
Photo courtesy Gerald Holmes, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo,

Is tomato late blight and potato late blight possible in a dry year?

Unfortunately, yes.

Late blight is the fungus-like disease that has caused devastating losses to tomato and potato gardeners and growers in some recent years. It develops and spreads rapidly in a wet year.

But high relative humidity is all late blight needs to develop, not rain.

If you have late blight, you should take steps to reduce risk to your other plants– and to the plants of other gardeners. You can read more here.

That is one of four articles offered for August by the Master Gardeners of Erie County Cornell Cooperative Extension in their WNY Gardening Matters series.

The other articles are:

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This Month in the Garden. Get tips on lawn care, veggies, dividing perennials and more.



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