Show off your garden by sharing your photos on our Your Photos page

"Happy Trails" Lancaster Garden Club ECF winner
Here is a photo you can find on the Your Photos page. The Lancaster Garden Club sent this photo of an outdoor garden that was created for the Erie County Fair this past August.

Do you have a garden you would like to show off?

We have a page, the Your Photos page, dedicated to sharing photos from local gardeners of Western New York.

Email us your photos and let other gardeners know what you have been doing.

Some photos you can see are birds building their home, a butterfly relaxing on a flower, quirky finds in the garden and activities of garden clubs.

Gardener or not, you are more than welcome to send us your photos if they relate to gardening or nature in WNY.

When sending a photo please attach it to the email and send it to Add a brief description of what we see in the photo to help us create a caption for it.

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