Help a reader: What perennials do you plant around tulips to cover the dying leaves?

tulips in Cleve-Hill Cheektowaga NY
Photo by Connie Oswald Stofko

Here’s a question from a reader:

Does anyone have suggestions for perennials to plant with spring bulbs this fall that will emerge and cover the leaves of the tulips and daffodils after they bloom and then slowly turn yellow?  It’s a south-facing spot with much sun and good drainage, along my garage wall.  

Thank you!  

Val Betts 

Lake View (Hamburg)

I talked to Claudia Kolbe-Hawthorne of the Cleve-Hill section of Cheektowaga last year about how she gets waves of color in her garden beds. She has hyacinths, followed by daffodils, then masses of colorful tulips.

She plants perennials, such as columbine, dianthus, coneflowers, coreopsis and sedum, around the bulbs so that those plants can cover the dying leaves. You can get a tour of her spring garden here.

Readers, do you have more suggestions for perennials to plant around your spring bulbs? If so, please leave a comment for Val below.

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9 Comments on “Help a reader: What perennials do you plant around tulips to cover the dying leaves?

  1. I Was searching for plants to plant around tulips and found your blog. Very informative. I was looking for some evergreen plants to plant around Tulips so that garden bed doesn’t look empty during the rest of the season. What do you recommend?

  2. Hello Val. I also suggest Daylilies and may I say, if you are looking for some very nice varieties all hybrid and bloom at different times throughout the summer, your speaking with the right guy! We did and divide plants in our gardens every year and we have a ton of very nice looking ones right now all potted up, well established and ready for planting. If you friend me on FaceBook you will see pics of the great ones we have currently.
    you can e-mail me directly as well.
    Facebook link below;

  3. Most perennials and especially annuals do a great job of “blending and disguising” the dying foliage of bulbs. My own garden had a wealth of bulbs, all extending the bulb season, complimenting companion plants and being hidden by the constantly changing parade of bloom all the way through to the end of the growing season. If interested, check out posts on my blog at the end of April through May to see how the garden progresses. I carpet the garden and it changes greatly through the three seasons of garden growth.

  4. Tall sedum might work too and it blooms in late summer; I second the suggestion for daylilies. Make sure you cut back the sedum about early to mid summer to keep it from flopping over.

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