Thought for the day: savor the beauty

savor the beauty poster copyright Stofkoby Connie Oswald Stofko

Well, it’s official. This was the coldest February on record in Western New York.

It’s been a tough winter. Some of us got seven feet of snow in November alone. Even areas of Western New York that don’t normally get much snow have two feet or more on the ground.

People are tired of shoveling, of trying to walk on snowy sidewalks, of driving through snow.

Then there’s the cold. Day after day of below zero temperatures.

But sometimes this weather brings us glimpses of  extraordinary beauty. Ordinary scenes, like the view from my bathroom window, can look magical coated in snow with sun glinting off the ice.

Yes, it’s been a long, cold winter. But this weather can lose some of its  bitterness if you can take a moment to savor the beauty.

Here are some more encouraging thoughts:

  • When we were in the midst of that series of below-zero temperatures, one of the days was sunny. I noticed that I could feel the warmth as I stood by the window, and the sun was so strong it was melting the icicles.
  • Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 8. We set our clocks ahead an hour– Spring forward, fall back. That means that while the sun sets after 6 p.m. now, on Sunday it won’t set until after 7 p.m. That extra evening light will make us feel more energetic.
  • On the calendar, spring begins on March 20. At least we know that, no matter what the weather is like, spring will come!

4 Comments on “Thought for the day: savor the beauty

  1. The sunny days with snow still on the ground help lift my spirits. Even the houseplants respond to this extra reflected light. And daylight savings certainly adds to the joyful anticipation of Spring.

  2. Even if we don’t get warm weather in March, I’m going to keep telling myself that the calendar says spring!

  3. Hopefully spring comes by March 20, but it seems more like May at this point. Your poster image is pretty.

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