Poinsettias are white and pink and speckled– explore new varieties

Picasso poinsettia in Amherst NY
Poinsettia ‘Picasso’

The traditional poinsettia is beautiful with its red and green coloring, but there are many varieties that you might like even more.

You can see many new and nontraditional varieties of poinsettias at Mischler’sFlorist and Greenhouses, 118 South Forest Rd., Williamsville.

white glitter poinsettia in Amherst NY
Poinsettia ‘White Glitter’

Mischler’s grows their poinsettias right in their greenhouses in Williamsville.

A new one is Picasso, which Yadon describes as “naturally airbrushed,” with shades of cream on red.

One of my favorites is White Glitter, which is red with white flecks. Those flecks remind me of confetti and make the plant seem so festive.

Please note that while you can find poinsettias that have had glitter glued on or poinsettias that have been painted, all of the poinsettias that we’re talking about in the article are grown with whatever colors they exhibit.

“They’re great the way they are,” Yadon said.

On ‘White Glitter,’ the coloration will be different on each individual plant. Some plants can have half the “flowers” red with speckles while the other half of the “flowers” are white.

(I put “flowers” in quotation marks because on a poinsettia, what we think of as flower petals aren’t really petals. They’re bracts, a kind of leaf. Technically, the flower isn’t the colorful part; it’s just the bit at the center of the colorful part. But as the website Understanding Evolution explains, those bracts act like petals, so I don’t see much harm in referring to the colorful part of the poinsettia as the flower.)

ice crystal poinsettia in Amherst NY
Poinsettia ‘Ice Crystal’
polar bear poinsettia in Amherst NY
Poinsettia ‘Polar Bear’

On ‘White Glitter’, notice the deeply cut bracts and leaves- they have the shape of holly leaves.

One of Yadon’s favorites is the white ‘Polar Bear’ poinsettia, which has beautiful green veining.

This plant also helps conservation efforts. When Mischler’s purchased the cuttings to grow the ‘Polar Bear’ poinsettias, a donation was made to Polar Bears International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their sea ice home. When you buy the plant, you can also get a gift tag explaining this “Conservation in full bloom!” idea.

maren poinsettia in Amherst NY
Poinsettia ‘Maren’

If you want to stick with a more traditional red poinsettia, you might like ‘Ice Crystal’, which is cream with red edges.

For something a little different, try one of the poinsettias that are more pink. ‘Maren’ is a soft, peachy pink. ‘Ice Punch’ is more hot pink with a cream center. (It’s difficult to convey the exact colors; it helps to see them in person.)

If you want something even less traditional, how about a ‘Snowball’ hydrangea?

ice punch poinsettia in Amherst NY
Poinsettia ‘Ice Punch’

You usually see something like this at Easter, but it should make a nice alternative to poinsettias, Yadon said. This is the first time he is trying them at Christmastime.

A ‘Snowball’ hydrangea is a nice wintertime gift for anyone, including those who don’t celebrate Christmas, Yadon noted. It can be wrapped in blue for Hanukkah.

The ‘Snowball’ hydrangea will last for a long time in the house–probably a couple months, he said. Keep it in bright sunlight and keep it well watered– it takes a lot of water.

You can try to move it outside to your garden in the spring, but it’s not hardy for our area and probably won’t last through the next winter, he said.

snowball hydrangea in Amherst NY
‘Snowball’ hydrangea

Mischler’s can deliver holiday flowers, including poinsettias.

Mischler’s has also set up a display of poinsettias that you can use as a backdrop for your Christmas card photo or holiday photo for Facebook.

The photo shoots will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23; Saturday, Nov. 24, and Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012. Click here for 2013 dates and times.

Mischler’s associates will be happy to rearrange the furniture and backdrop so that you can take your special photo.

Last year, one family wanted to take a picture of their little boy. The staff took away the bench you see in the first photo and set aside some of the poinsettias. The little boy stood on the platform, completely surrounded by the poinsettias.

That’s Yadon posing with his dog Shadow while Dan Meyer, greenhouse associate, takes the shot. Yes, pets are welcome for the family photo shoots– they’re part of the family, aren’t they?

Make sure you bring your own camera.

The event is part of the Holiday in the Village of Williamsville celebration presented by the Williamsville Business Association.

“It was a really nice photo,” said Mark Yadon, vice president at Mischler’s.

take photo with poinsettia backdrop at Mischler's in Amherst NY

Photos by Connie Oswald Stofko.

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  2. Do you have any pictures of poinsettias: ice crystal, ice punch, maren pink, and jingle bells. Our church is trying to decide what types of poinsettia we want. If you could send me the pictures that would be a big help.
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