Learn how to braid garlic from Lockport gardener

Keep garlic handy and add a decorative element to your kitchen when you make this ornament by braiding freshly picked heads of garlic.

Jim Gugliuzza demonstrated the craft during Lockport in Bloom on July 7 and 8 at his home at 684 Walnut St., Lockport, where he has a 700-foot lot with large vegetable gardens.

Gugliuzza planted 12 kinds of garlic this year. Garlic is usually harvested around July 10, but he pulled some early to show us his braiding technique, which you can see in the video.

We’ll share more of his tips on vegetable gardening in future issues.

3 Comments on “Learn how to braid garlic from Lockport gardener

  1. I grew this year 2 kinds of Italian and French which is soft neck and thats what I braided for those who stayed and watched
    Hard neck varieties grown 2 kinds of German 2 Russian along with Spanish, Vietnam, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Turkish
    You can braid hard neck but it’s alot of work.
    If you are going to Cuba Garlic Festival Pete Gambino will most likely put and a demo of braiding hard neck garlic there

  2. Thank you Mr. G. My husband and I grow 100 bulbs of hard neck garlic every year and cannot braid it. We presume you are braiding the soft neck variety?
    Also, we would love to know what twelve varieties you grow. We are planning on going to the Cuba, NY garlic festival and plan on getting some new varieties for our raised beds. Very excited!
    Thank you again for your video.

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