Make plant tags for your Buffalo-area garden

plant tags by Anne Gareis in Buffalo NYRight now you may be able to name all the plants in your garden, but next season, will you still know what’s what?

Make these sturdy plant tags and you’ll definitely be able to keep track of your perennials.

You can keep the tags outside all winter and, unlike flimsy plastic tags that get trampled by rabbits or pushed over by heavy snow, these wooden plant labels will still be standing in spring.

Best of all, they’re so pretty that you don’t have to try to hide them during the summer.

Make them for your own garden, and make them as gifts for gardening friends.

Anne Gareis of Buffalo shows us step by step how to make these beautiful and practical labels.

You’ll need a few simple tools to make these plant tags. If you don’t have the tools you need, consider borrowing tools through the Buffalo Tool Library. They have gardening tools, too!

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  1. Yes, Beth. Now there are no excuses why I can’t get plant labels for Christmas or for my November birthday. If you can’t find any in the stores, just make them yourself!

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