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  1. My daylilies look as if it’s fall with so many yellow & brown leaves. By the time I take the dead leaves off there is hardly. any foliage left. Also, they have very few flowers. Both, on the side of my house and in the very back of the year, look terrible. What happened? Will they come back next year? Help!!
    My daughter in Grand Island has the same problem this year.

  2. what is your though on the use of coal as a mulch and is there any effect from it to the plants. thank you fred

  3. Dorothy,
    I’m not sure whether you should put fresh wood chips on your garden. What I’ll do is post it as a question in next week’s issue. I publish Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com, but I’m not a gardening expert. I’m a writer by profession, and what I do when I write my articles is to interview people who are experts. When I got questions like yours, often I will post the question and open it up to my readers, many of whom are Master Gardeners. I’m sure someone will be able to respond to your question. If you can’t wait until then, you can contact Master Gardeners directly or ask the professionals at your local garden center. Here’s an article on more ways to find gardening help in Western New York: http://www.buffalo-niagaragardening.com/2013/02/26/how-to-find-gardening-help-in-western-new-york/ Look for your question in the issue of May 14, 2013, and watch the comments section for responses.
    Connie Oswald Stofko

  4. We just had a pine tree stump removed… can I use these freshly ground chips in my perennial and annual gardens?

  5. Kim,
    Those are seed pods. If you’d like more irises in that area, just leave the pods. If you’d like more plants elsewhere, scatter the seed this fall where you’d like new plants. If you want to limit the number of plants you have, cut pods off before they have a chance to drop their seed.

    Hope that helps!


  6. Now that my Iris are done blooming, they have these “Pods” on them. What do I do with them??

  7. Pat,
    Here is some information I have found out about begonia escargot. What a pretty plant!

    If your dentist is generous, it looks like you should be able to take a cutting from his or her plant. A nice summary of care can be found here:

    More information is available here:

    I don’t know if they are safe for cats. You might want to ask your veterinarian about that.

    I hope to have a discussion board up soon where people can post questions like these and other readers can post answers. I think that may be useful. When it’s up, I hope you will participate!

    Thanks for the question. I hope that information was somewhat helpful.

  8. Hi – I saw a plant at me Dentists office which he did not know too much about – his wife put it there – it is a begonia excargot I think – it this available at the garden center to purchase – it is a houseplant and is it dangerous to cats? I was pleasantly pleased with the way it looked and all the small flowers – appreciate any help you can give me – Thank you and Happy/Safe New Year tooooo

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