Three great tips for enjoying your Buffalo-area garden in early fall

fall garden tip from Albion NYSometimes as I write a story, I find that I have a great nugget of information, but it just doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the story.

These nuggets are too good to waste, so I’ve pulled together  three tips to help you enjoy your garden during the fall.

Fall Gardening Tip #1: Keep those seat cushions dry.

There’s still plenty of time to sit outside and enjoy your garden. However, unlike the dry spells we experienced this summer, the fall tends to be rainy. If you have padded outdoor furniture, it can be a chore to bring in all the cushions every time it looks like rain.

Jeannette Riley of Albion, who has many cushioned seating areas in her expansive yard, offers this tip: Keep a large garbage bag near your chairs. When the weather turns cloudy, just pop the cushions into the bag and leave the bag of cushions right there.

Fall Gardening Tip #2: Add some ambiance with music.

Whether you’re relaxing in your garden by yourself on a cool autumn evening or having friends over on a sunny afternoon, use music to set the mood. That tip is from Craig Schwab, who, with his wife, Kathi,  shared their yard during Ken-Ton’s first “Saturday Night Lights” garden walk. The the music during that event definitely added to visitors’ enjoyment.

Fall Gardening Tip #3: Use your lawn mower like a pencil. 

Fall is a great time to put in a new garden bed. When you’re designing your garden, you want to make sure you create a smooth outline. A curved line is  not only more graceful and pleasing to the eye, it will be easier to mow around.

Dr. Kenneth Kurbs of Lockport, who also has a large, beautifully landscaped yard, offers this tip: Use your lawnmower to draw the edge of your garden. This is especially good advice if you use a riding mower.

Bonus Tip: Put your extra harvest to good use.

If you’ve had a bumper crop of zucchini or tomatoes or peppers or other vegetables this year, consider sharing them with our neighbors who are in need.

Friends of Night People is just one organization that helps feed families and the working poor right here in our area. Fresh produce is especially valued by these groups for its great nutritional value and taste. However, fresh fruit and vegetables can be expensive for them to buy.

They would be delighted to have fresh produce– in any quantity– to serve and to distribute to our neighbors who really need it.  Check out the Friends of Night People website for more information.

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