Herb gadgets make it easier for you to preserve your crop

Herb Tools from Mischler's in Amherst NYThe right tool for the job can make your work easier. If you grow herbs, check out the fun selection of herb tools available at Mischler’s Florist and Greenhouses, 118 South Forest Rd. (between Main St. and Wehrle Dr.), Williamsville.

  • Cut your sprigs into strips or mince away with a multiblade scissor.
  • Use the rocking blade and concave cutting board to work on larger batches of herbs.
  • Mash up and serve a refreshing mojito (a minty cocktail) with a traditional tall pestle and glassware designed just for this purpose. (Mishler’s also has a special “mojito mint” plant available.)
  • A classic deep pestle and mortar is an essential prep tool in any kitchen. Check out the heavy-duty ceramic one.
  • If you like to dry herbs but have trouble figuring out where to hang them, check out the ring rack. It is lightweight, portable and includes hooks to hang bundles for drying.

If you haven’t planted herbs yet, it’s not too late. Many herb plants are still available. With another six weeks or so remaining in the growing season for annuals, you could harvest a couple more flushes of your homegrown herbs this year.

Many herbs are perennial, so you can count on them again next year.

Mischler’s has huge basil ready to cut and come again, as well as several varieties of mint, oregano, fennel, sage, strawberries, watercress, bee balm, lemon balm, pineapple sage, lavender and catnip.

Tip: If you need shower favors, table toppers or a gift, consider herbs. Mischler’s can work with you on designing special arrangements year-round for an aromatic and unique twist on the old standards.

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Photo from Mischeler’s Florist.

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