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  1. Thank you for your inquiry . Most of my artwork takes around 2 hrs to complete, and the cost seems to fall between $85-$110. For your project, I would estimate the price to be between $110-$120 and It will take around 3 hrs to complete. You are right around the corner from me, as I live at 78 Brunswick, behind Tops, at the D and L. Please contact me or stop in if you have any other questions. Thanks again, sincerely, Karen

  2. Karen Farrell probably won’t see your question here. You should contact her at her business, which is called Lawntastic. Hope that helps.

  3. I am looking to have some writing done on my tree lawn for 3 birthdays I have on 8/9/14!

    1) Happy 5th Birthday Kaydence
    2) Happy 90th Birthday Grandma
    3) Happy (Unknown age at this time) Uncle Ralph

    Can I get a price on this? I am in Depew on Penora St

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