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  1. I love the tilting flower pots
    I am trying to figure out
    How do you make them stand up.

  2. Linda,
    I’m afraid the best information we have is all posted in the comments. My comment from July 11 includes the homeowner’s response.

  3. I did not see the response as to how this pot tower was constructed. So how was it done?

  4. Okay folks, here’s what Cherie has to say about how she stacked the pots:

    “I purchased a long bar with a large fork at the end to be placed in the ground. The fork prongs give the rod more stability. Just above the fork is a small piece of metal welded in a slanting position. I purchased this rod at a garden show at the Agricenter in Hamburg for about $18. The seller told me to go buy the clay pots at Home Depot or any garden store. I find that Portulaca is a great plant for this design because the top pot dries out quickly and Portulaca is stuff in the sun and does not need so much watering. I’m sure someone could make his/her own rod, but that small welded slanted piece is the key component. I’m happy so many people were interested in my pots. I think it has a Mexican flair to it.”

  5. Simple to build! It is best to use a 16″ pot as the base and 8 or 10 inch pots to tilt The rebar must be in the ground about 18″ and then place the base pot over it. Fill with dirt and add the other pots facing whatever directions you like. They stay in place and can be rotated at any time to suit the plants or your wishes. Sweet Potato vines are really neat.

  6. I am just as curious as everyone else, I really want to know how to do this.Boy would my neighbors be curious, they all try to out do the other except
    me and I cannot afford to keep up with them. sure hope I dont miss it when you post the answer.

  7. I seen it done in Garden Gate magazine.I have done it.It is a eye stopper. you use copper piping.

  8. The rebar works well or a large enough dowel. Shove it into the ground and start stacking. I’ve done this and it’s really quite easy. It is, however, quite a balancing act. No glue required. The weight of the pot and gravity will hold it in place. Another option is to simply stack them using the rebar and then use pvc pipe to elevate each pot far enough apart to plant. Make sure the plants grow up to cover the pipe.

  9. Great question, Lynn! As I recall, Cherie St. Pierre didn’t make the pots; I think she bought them that way. I’ll see if she can weigh in. I wondered if you couldn’t just glue them like that. If anybody figures out how to do this project themselves, let me know. I’ll post a picture and share the instructions.

  10. i would gorilla glue the pots together at contact points to help from moving!!!

  11. you don’t need ti “tilt” the rebar. just angle the pots in different directions!!!! love the design!!!

  12. Larry…

    That would be a heck of a “TILT”. Rebar is not easy to bend. Doesn’t it need to be bent prior to adding the pots. Just curious is all.

  13. take a piece of rebar[iron rod] just smaller than the hole in the bottom of the smallest pot. rod should be twice as long as the 4 pots when laid out on ground as they are stacked in the picture. push rod in the ground and slide pots down the rod and tilt each the opposite way fill with soil and plant.

  14. Looks easy enough using rebar thru the drainage hole. The rebar does need to be one piece and bent as required to achieve the shape shown. If you look close you will see the post are slightly off center for the rebar. (just guessing)

  15. How do you construct the 4 clay pot containers that tilt to the side? It is so interesting and looks easy to make but how do you join the pots together?
    Thank you,
    Lynn Hooker

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